Merchant Registration

Merchant Registration

In order to create a good environment for shopping, MvMmall multi user store system V4.0.0 version of the certification of the shops have been strengthened。


Shop certification includes two parts:


1、Real name authentication:Shop sellers need to upload the identity card or other valid documents, mall operators to audit。


2、Entity authentication:Shop sellers need to upload a business license or other valid documents, operators audit。


Shop certification process:


1.If you are not registered users, please first member registration>I want to open a shop>Fill in the basic information of the shop>Upload valid documents

2.If an application has shops in Member Center>I'm a businessman>Shop setting>Shop certification

  And then wait for the operator to check after the shop front highlight the display can be!


Reminder:Businesses to upload an effective document scanning, only as a certification audit materials, only operators can see。

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