Integral description

Integral description

What's the score?

Points is the mall of the mall to do the reward.

How does the score come from?

1, the registration presented.

2, shopping. You can buy any one of the goods in the mall, can obtain the equivalent of the value of the integral.

3. If you are a businessman, release of goods, choose "add merchandise library", when other businesses will be your goods shelves to store sales, you will get a certain number of points (digital by the operators in the master background shops set fill).

4, buy points.

What can be used to do?

1, if you are a buyer, the integral can be used to participate in the mall's points for shopping activities.

2, if you are a businessman, you can use integral application master advertisement bit; integrals can be directly on the shelves other businesses in the database of goods goods (not necessarily their drawing his own writing detailed description of goods, etc.).

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