Merchant access process

1. Register member, log in and choose business type and grade 2. Fill in shop information 3. Release commodities 4. wait for auditing 5. Succeed

types of shops

Access conditions

In principle, merchants should have favorable cooperative willingness, can provide superior commodities, guarantee smooth cooperation (such as noticing in time product variation, product launch and cancellation as well as update) and make sure after-sales service merchants can access to shopping mall.

Entry conditions

a. Prices must be very competitive

b. Products being sold must be in good condition

c. Merchants should maintain accessibility to queries and concerns

d. Required to participate during promotions

e. Abide by conditions set by PHmall

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Friendly reminder: if the fee is not renewed after the shop expires, the shop will automatically degrade to free shop.

Customer service center

Service time:7 x 24 hours a day service

E-mail:[email protected]

Fax:+63 (02) 6627777

Phone:+63 (02) 6620000

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